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How to Finally Master Your Closet Everyday for Elevated Style and Confidence… With Just ONE Course!


Style Confidence is a 6-module course for women who are serious about achieving confidence in their style and in their lives!

Put An End To Feeling Frustrated With Your Closet And Get Confident In Your Personal Style Once And For All!


Feel empowered and elevate your life with this blend of personal development and fashion education to achieve that desired confidence so you can:

Find ease in your closet...

Save money and time while shopping...

Stop feeling invisible in a room...

Shine in your style and inspire other women to elevate their lives too!


Style Confidence With Tara Dupuis is designed to be a transformative experience for women of all ages. The program educates on the most important aspects of style combined with personal development so that you gain a deep understanding of who you are and what your style is. 


Having the knowledge to express the BEST version of yourself

Conquering mental blocks that may be holding you back in mastering your style

Discovering your style and walking through life with a bit of swagger


How to dress your body shape confidently every single day

How to declutter and organize your closet so that you LOVE getting dressed 

How to shop and style looks that express your true self

Why Tara?

Tara is a working fashion stylist and model with years of experience

Tara's work has been published in fashion magazines in North America and Europe

She's a rebel at heart and wants to see other women achieve!

I am a working fashion stylist, model, and musician who has spent decades working in the entertainment industry. As a fashion stylist I have helped hundreds of women gain confidence in their closets and clarity on their style. 

I know what it means to convey confidence through your style. When I am out touring in rock bands (I play bass and piano) I know how it feels to step onto a stage in front of thousands of people feeling my best. Style has a lot to do with that! 

I built this program based on questions and feedback I kept getting over and over again which revealed to me that so many women lacked the fundamental fashion knowledge to make good decisions for themselves. In Style Confidence I teach you these basics and show you that style is easier than you think!

I want you to live your life looking and feeling your best! I truly believe changes in your mindset and style can help you confidently achieve your goals. 

Are you ready to rock your best style (and life)?! 

Investing in yourself to elevate your style and increase your confidence is true self-care!


Come Learn With Me


This course is for you if you know in your heart that you need to make a change in your style and you have decided that the time is NOW! 

I'm SO Ready!


People make assumptions about who you are based on how you dress. Take control of your style to tell YOUR story and, more importantly, feel amazing and confident about yourself. 
  • You have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear
  • You hate shopping or it stresses you out
  • You often ‘panic shop’ when you have an upcoming event
  • You haven’t updated your style in years, maybe even decades
  • You spend a ton of time each morning trying on multiple outfits and stressing about getting ready for your day
  • You often buy clothes and never wear them – in fact some pieces in your closet still have tags on them
  • You feel invisible, over-looked, or like you are under-appreciated in your home or work life
  • Your closet makes you feel stressed out even just thinking about it


Are you ready to learn the foundations of style and apply them to your life so you can show the world the empowered, goal achieving, and confident woman that you are?



Mindset to Style Confidence

  • Learn about mindset and how it applies to style
  • Take a self-assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your current closet
  • Learn common style mistakes


Body Shapes and Complimentary Styling

  • Learn how to properly take your measurements
  • Determine your body shape
  • Learn tips and tricks for dressing your shape


Fabrics, Color, and Garment Care

  • Learn about different kinds of fabrics and the pros and cons of each
  • Learn about color palettes and color psychology
  • Learn about fabric and garment care
  • Learn about fit and tailoring 


Discover Your Personal Style

  • Discover your style and what image you want to project into the world
  • Create your own style vision board
  • Outfit strategies for work, casual, and special events


Closet Cleanse and Organization

  • Clear clutter from your closet
  • Learn what to do with items you are moving along
  • Organize your closet for more ease and joy
  • Make outfits with what you already own



Shopping, Styling, and Bringing it All Together

  • Shopping strategies and how to make your list(s)
  • Closet basics for your wardrobe
  • Styling tips including shoes and accessories
  • Travel packing tips
  • Take your new knowledge to let your style shine

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Pay in 2 equal installments of $248.

Get started today with instant access to Style Confidence With Tara Dupuis!

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Save $99 by paying in full today!

For $397 you get instant access to Style Confidence With Tara Dupuis and can start your journey today!

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Melissa, Digital Strategist and Writer

Figuring out my signature style has been a great way to kick off a new job with confidence. Instead of being nervous or stressed about what to wear to work or what will be comfortable, I am so excited!

Robbyn - Love, Intimacy & Conscious Relationship Coach

I gained clarity around my style and how I want to feel in the clothes that I wear. This clarity has helped me to make decisions about what I wear everyday, knowing it will impact the outcome of my day, and ultimately my whole life. I feel set up for success; priceless!


A one-on-one consultation with me that covers what is included in this program would easily cost over $2000. AND with the program, you get 24/7 access for an entire year!

Your investment may have you shopping less and shopping smarter – saving you time and money. You may even see gains in other parts of your life if you are looking for a raise, a career change, to get back on the dating scene, or just to feel more confident in your everyday life. 

Learning to love your style and walk through life with increased confidence; priceless!



A guided course with written and video content to transform your style and life. 


VALUE ($2,041)

Yours today for $397 (pay in full price)

or two equal payments of $248 (payment plan option)

Change your clothes, change your life!


Pay in 2 equal installments of $248.

Get started today with instant access to Style Confidence With Tara Dupuis!

Click Here To Get Started Today!


Save $99 by paying in full today!

For $397 you get instant access to Style Confidence With Tara Dupuis and can start your journey today!

Click Here To Get Started Today!

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